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Garage Floors & Interior Floors

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Garage Floors & Interior Floors

We install for new construction or repair old concrete floors.

Got an old Concrete Floating Slab that needs a new floor? No problem. Our concrete technicians will cut six inches to a foot from your garage edge around the floor if needed and remove your old floor, fix the soils and complete compaction. Bombardo Concrete LLC uses high strength rebar not found at your local stores to reconnect your new slab to your existing outer footings as well as a high strength garage floor mix specially designed for garages.

Custom Floor coloring is a great way to spruce up an old or new floor, custom colored polishing, concrete staining & marbling, colored concrete with a steel troweled finish etc. Call us to have a technician check your floor out or talk about a new one. Get your free estimate today.

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If you are in the Twin Cities or surrounding areas and think your concrete could use a resurfacing or repair then you can count on Bombardo Concrete LLC to get the job done at a fair price.